Discover: A property investigation begins with a visual inspection supported by available reference documentation, description of previous remedial action, historic documentation, and discussion with on-site personnel.

Analyze: Sometimes there is visible evidence of the root cause of issues building owners and managers experience. Often that is not the case. We pride ourselves in the expeditious analysis of physical plant conditions. This is accomplished using a variety of methods and equipment, including utilization trusted consulting engineers, architects, and legal staff.

Report: Concise and accurate reporting is critical in the diagnosis of the root cause of conditions to both document and educate Property Owners and HOAs, why they are occurring and how to properly address them. Often budgetary constraints are imposed. We offer innovative solutions including utilization of local resources and phased scheduling.

Plan: From the initial inspection through our tried and true DARPE approach, we consider and constantly strive to seek out the most appropriate and economical solutions for their varied client portfolio. Simple corrective action is often warranted, but complex conditions demand a more detailed and technical strategy. Our goal is to meet those challenges with real world approaches.

Execute: Whether deploying independent contractors, engaging familiar subcontractors, or utilizing Property Owners on-site resources, we provide consistent oversight and supervision ensuring client's issues progress from the initial uncertainty of the cause to only a memory of the issue. D-A-R-P-E by adhering to our branded five-step approach, our diverse clientele receive the benefit of understanding all issues relating to their specific matter. This approach empowers our clients with the information necessary to implement timely corrective action understanding the financial requirements and outcomes prior to execution.