Currently, Spartan is certified DBE, M/ WBE, SBE, and EBE in the City and County of Denver. We are EBE and SBE self certified through the SBA as well as Native American owned (Minority owned) registered. Additionally are also HUB certified in the State of Texas through our sister company.

Spartan Construction Services is 100% Native American owned and operated. Currently we are developing a program to redefine the way housing and development are done in Indian country. Our Indian Country Development and Sustainability Plan (ICDSP) will provide tribes with the quality products and infastructure to provide a better way of living and sustainable products for the future.

Reconstruction Services

Alex Szakal

VP of Pre-Construction Services

Key Personnel

Minority Certifications

Justin Daniel

Project Manager and founder of Spartan construction Services

Due to our knowledge on building science and construction procedures we believe we deliver top notch services thru our remodeling division. We utilize specific procedures and sub-contractors that are proven to deliver high quality results. We understand the cost factors surrounding existing projects and the timelines as well as the dynamics of working in areas that people still occupy. We are sensitive to the environment and atmosphere surrounding occupied properties and reflect those needs in our safety and site plans.

Native American Development

Information & Services

Charlie Williams

Regional Project Manager/ Texas Operations Manager

NEw construction services

Spartan has the capabilities of performing Commercial, Institutional, and Multi-Family new construction projects. We utilize CODS (Collaborative Online Documentation System) to streamline all of the documentation, schedules, budgets, RFI’s, and RFQ’s and related construction and project documentation. The system allows or clients and their representatives to view important details and documentation related to the their specific or multiple projects in real time.  We believe clear and concise communication is the key to effective project management. The other key to success is the quality of the products and services provided. This is why we strive to deliver the highest levels of quality craftsmanship and products.